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ST2 - Surface Treatment Technologies, Inc.
Facilities / Capabilities

Laser Induced Surface Improvement (LISI)

  • controlled surface modification via high energy laser
  • specific area modification
  • not a coating, but a re-alloying of the base metal surface
  • surfaces are integral to the base alloy, do not delaminate
  • current alloying rates ~ 20 ft. sq./ hr. per laser
  • environmentally friendly

Electro-Spark Alloying (ESA)

  • controlled surface modification via pulsed micro-welding
  • coating is fused to base alloy, do not delaminate
  • coatings are nano-composite structures with unique corrosion
    and tribological properties
  • current coating rates ~ 1-2 ft. sq./hr. per system
  • environmentally friendly

Rapid Arc™

  • controlled surface modification via rapidly pulsed fusion welding process
  • lower arc voltages, lower heat input
  • minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) in substrate
  • true metallurgical bond with substrate
  • reduced dimensional distortion of part
  • versatile, user-friendly operation

LISI Processing Facilities

3kW Nd:YAG laser with 3 axis control
3kW Nd:YAG laser with 3 axis control

2.5kW Nd:YAG with 5-axis robotics
2.5kW Nd:YAG with 5-axis robotics

ESA Processing Hardware


Metallographic analyses
Corrosion testing
Salt fog testing
Wear/erosion testing
Microhardness testing
scanning electron microscopy
Nd:YAG laser with 5 axis robotics
ESA with 3 axis control

5KW CO2 lasers (3)
Gantry robotics (5 axis)
-17 x 12 x 7 ft
-10 x 10 x 5 ft
Full machine shop capabilities
required QA
5 axis ESA robotics
3-axis processing station


  • ST2 offers unique surfacing technologies for demanding wear and corrosion applications
  • LISI, ESA and Rapid Arc are complementary technologies that offer a new level of surface performance unavailable elsewhere
  • Multi-axis robotics combined with LISI, ESA and Rapid Arc enables complex parts and high volumes
  • All processes offer competitive cost compared to high end coatings (HVOF, D-gun, etc.)
  • ST2 offers technical expertise and business experience to develop cost effective solutions

Surface processes are available as:

  • job shop service
  • turn-key equipment with sublicense
  • ST2 staffed facility at the customer location
  • TechnoCoat International Co., Ltd. sales representative

ST2 will continue to grow these and other emerging surface technologies for future needs in metal and ceramic materials protection.

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